What makes increment in prestige due to output of designing ?

A thorough review of your website’s analytics will tell you where people are abandoning your pages, an issue that can readily be addressed in a website redesign.My tech-savvy colleagues were eager to hear which apps I had gotten first, anticipating that I would be blown away by all those web designers sydney cool productivity apps on the market. You should have seen the look on their faces when I told them what I thought was the best app so far:

I had been camping that weekend and as the sun was setting I realised I had forgotten my torch. It was a long walk from the coast back to our tent still. Luckily my partner saw the light: “There’s an app for that”, he reminded me! I downloaded a torch and we made it to the campsite ok. Some apps are more than genius: they are lifesavers!

EverNote to keep all my snippets, infographics and links that I collect from various websites in 1 handy Notebook that I can sync with my laptop at home and at work. I use EverNote for recipes, directions, and sharing notes with work mates.This is a memory and guessing game for international flags. The problem is that the free version keeps showing the same flags, and the game has become too easy, certainly not fun. These days I use it when I want to get to sleep quickly.

Handy for if you have weak heart and need to know how your ticker is doing. The only problem is that you don’t always get a good reading when you put your finger over your smartphone’s flash light window, so at times you may think you are dead. Slightly worrying. This app gives you a friendly reminder to check your heart rate from time to time and the app seems to know when I am stressed.

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